Azerbaijan is a country located in Caucuses region. Azerbaijan bestrides Eastern Europe as well Western Asia. Besides of clash of east joins west you will get a lot of pleasure to visit this place. It contains seaside resorts, flaming mountains, a mud volcano, and several mosques as well minarets. It have some very attractive modern architect places. It has become very attractive place for both east and west tourists. Below 5 places to visit.

  • Capital city “Baku”

The capital of the country Azerbaijan is “Baku”. As a capital Baku is very attractive place for a tourists. Its beauty cannot be enclosed in a words. There are many museums, cuisines, bars etc. one more benefit for a tourists to visit Baku is a cheap transportation. Its modern skyscrapers attracts the eastern and western tourists. Three flame towers located in Baku causes the bronzed glow all over the city in the night time. The museum” Contemporary Art” that contains more than 800 artworks grabs the attention of millions of artists. The famous market “Teze Bazar” become dominant to other markets due to their tasty cheese as well spices. Shirvanshah’s palace is also located in Baku. The visiting time for the tourists to the palace is from 10:00 am to 5:00 pm.

  • Absheron Park

This park is located in the Azizbeyov region in Baku. This place is 783 hectare wide and is the best visiting place in Azerbaijan. This park completely host many of the wildlife such as Caspian seals, jackals etc. the maximum part of this place is dry that made him a romantic place. The water of the seashore here also be known as a crystal clear. This water contains the sea snakes, and if you want to capture the view of Caspian seals in the water you must visit this place in September and onwards.

  • Naftalan Resort

A resort named Naftalan is a gorgeous place, its beauty is due to crude oil discovered here. The oil discovered here has a property of healing. Due to healing effect it grabs a great attention of the medical tourism. People visits this place to bathe in the oil, it has a property to recover a pain and erythrogenic healing. This resort is famous for relaxing oil massage and different treatments.

  • Nabran

Nabran is a village near Baku. The local people had made it like a resort. It locates at the edges of the Caspian Sea. The most attractive thing due to which tourists visits there is a weather here. Large amount of sunshine grabs the attention of the tourists towards aqua parks, different swimming pools and other these type of places. While if anyone want to enjoy a night life he must visit the several dance bars, night clubs and restaurants located in Nabran village.

  • Yanardag

Azerbaijan is very famous for its burning mountains. If you are interested in visiting hilly areas like this you must visit a place Yanardag. This place is also famous as a burning mountains due to constantly ignited hills. Visitors mostly visits these types of area at night to capture a perfect scene of fiery hills. There are many tea stalls to enjoy a local potation.