You might have heard of the problems Facebook has been facing lately but you need to know that Facebook is not the only social networking platform which is experiencing the worst days of their careers.

1.All you need to know about the problem faced by Twitter and its users

Talking about Twitter, it has confirmed that it has found an issue which leads to exposure of protected Tweets for many Android users. This has been happening for five years now, from 3rd November 2014 and 14 January 2019. Twitter further explained that this issue took place when certain settings from the Twitter account were made. This might include changing the email address your Twitter account is associated with. This issue has been fixed on 14 January 2019. So now the users who were not able to hide their protected Tweets can feel free to do that again. Now your posts will not be open to the public if you set your accounts accordingly.

One of the fundamental reasons why people choose to switch their settings from public is that they are afraid of or have already been a victim of online harassment which is very normal these days. On the contrary, other people may only want some privacy when it comes to what they share. Even after all that Twitter was going through, it was still downloaded approximately billion times in the Google Play store. Twitter also explained how it is unable to identify all the accounts which had been impacted by this issue. The thing they did was that they informed the Twitter users that the protected Tweets are up again.

2.Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants

Jack Dorsey who is the CEO of Twitter was unable to portray how Twitter was working to move forward in a Huffington Post interview. This is why it was entitled by the phrase “Jack Dorsey Has No Clue What He Wants”. He had no clue how they were going to address the problems they were facing on Twitter. When Jack Dorsey was asked why this happened, he responded by saying that the interview was about being more open about himself and the Twitter management team. Still, it did not seem to show how he was able to build a multi-billion company and how he will manage to keep it stable. But let’s just give him benefit of doubt in this situation, it might just not be his day. Looking back you will remember that usually Facebook is the platforms that is being accused.

Facebook recently discovered four different bugs in the last year, this exposed private data of approximately millions of accounts. There are also many political groups active on Facebook which are not welcomed by many users. This has resulted in huge outrage over the CEO of Facebook Mark Zuckerberg. People are doubting his ability to handle the responsibility of such a widely used social networking platform.

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