Are you wondering how to disable Adblock and Adblock plus from a browser and website? If yes then you have come to the right place. In this article, you can discover how you can disable Adblock from your browser and site.

How to Disable AdBlock or Adblock Plus in a Browser


Open the browser in which you want to block Adblock. There are commonly used web browsers like Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and Safari. Follow the instructions to disable the Adblock from your web browser. All you need to go to the extension page in the browser.

Google Chrome: If you are using Google Chrome then go to tools and tab the extension option.

Firefox: If you are using Firefox and want to go to the extension page then tap add-on option.

Edge: In order to go on extension page using Edge, tab the extensions button.

Safari: If you are using Safari, go to Preferences and tap on the tab of extensions.

Step 2:

Now, you need to find the option of Adblock (or Adblock) in order to disable it. To disable Adblock, go to extensions and then click on Adblock or Adblock Plus and disable them.

Google Chrome: Go to the extensions and disabled the checkbox at the right side of Adblock Plus or Adblock option.

Firefox: Uncheck the enabled option in Firefox to the right of Adblock plus or Adblock.

Microsoft Edge: Go to the menu of Adblock Plus or Adblock and click the option ‘on’

Safari: Go to the left side and disabled the Adblock plus or adblock.

How to Disable Adblock Plus on a website:

Open the web browser that you are using and go to the site like in order to disable the Adblock plus. Now go to the top right side of your browser and click on the extensions option. If you are using Google Chrome, go to the right side of a page and click on Adblock plus icon and uncheck the enabled option. For Firefox browser, Click on the icon of Adblock Plus (in the right side) and disabled it. If you are using Microsoft Edge then you will not find the Adblock plus icon on the right side of the page. You need to go to extensions, then click on Adblock plus, then tap on show button and disable it. If you are using Safari web browser then you will find the extensions option on the address bar and left the side of the page.

The icon of Adblock plus icon has a resemblance with the red stop sign. Don’t right-click on it. In order to disable that website, click on the enable option on that specific website. You can find the option at the top of the menu. This way, that site will instantly disable the Adblock plus. All you need to click on the disable button before clicking on the icon of Adblock plus if you want to enable the adblocker again. This is the method of how to disable Adblock.

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