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Do you have more Instagram engagement? If No, then you are not alone because everyone wants to get more Instagram engagement. The reason is that the more you get Instagram engagement, the more you will get followers, profile views and brand exposure. But as we all know, the new algorithm of Instagram decreased the post reach organically that in turns get you less post engagement organically. There are some methods that give you not the only number of likes but also give you huge following count like buying real Instagram followers. If you have tried every method to grow your account and you got nothing. Then follow these tips that help you to get in front of more people and give you a number of new followers by increasing your post engagement.

Use All Features of Instagram:

buy instagram followersThe new algorithm of Instagram favors those Instagram accounts that use the all feature of Instagram from posting photos to Instagram stories. If you are stick to posting photos only, you will not leverage this platform. Don’t hesitate to try out the carousel posts, create a poll, post engaging Instagram stories and upload worth watching IGTV videos. Consider using all features in order to boost post engagement that ultimately increases your post-performance in Instagram’ algorithm. Take a step further and switch to business profile to increase engagement.

•   Add a clickable link to Instagram stories: if you have 10,000+ followers on your account, then use the swipe-up feature to drive more traffic and engage your followers. Add clickable link of the newest post in your stories.

•   Shopping: Tag your products using shopping feature to generate more sales and post likes.

•   Schedule your posts: Make your content calendar and schedule your posts to save your time.

•   Run Instagram Ads: Instagram ads are the perfect solution to get a number of followers and boost engagement with buying real Instagram followers in no time. Moreover, you can generate more sales by running Instagram ads.

•   Instagram Insights: Use Instagram analytics to see the performance of your posts and user engagement, make your content strategy to get your post in front of more people.

Share your post at the right time:

With the help of Instagram analytics, you can boost your post engagement that leads to getting new followers. You can see when your followers most active on Instagram. Consider posting at the right time that helps you to get more likes and comments. If you are busy at that time then schedule your post that not only save your time but also boost post engagement.

Post to Instagram Stories Consistently:

Think out of the box means outside of comment and likes on your post. Instead, focus on a number of views by posting Instagram stories consistently. The reason is that Instagram stories have become the hottest platform for Instagram and a great chance to entice the audience. Post unique and interesting stories at least twice a day. You can run Instagram story ads to gain more followers and consider buying real Instagram followers too.

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